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Alright I'll give you that all day about proof for the moral absolute you don't need it for what your saying but that doesn't mean that you are free from having some view and evidence for how all this came to be here life and all things. I'd like to hear that.

A byproduct of the big bang was a planet (earth) that happened to be conducive to life and eventually I showed up.

Worked for me.

Also I'd like to ask what each of you all saying this personally feels about good and evil in your own life or those around you, so do you ever feel that choices you make or others are better in the way choices of all kinds in life have repercussions on ourselves and those around us.

Stuff I do has repercussions? Whoda thunkit.

Seven billion people on the planet and christians want to simplify every problem via the good/evil paradigm. How cute. What better way to solve a problem than to simplify it beyond recognition?

I love the christian emphasis on good and evil. The world is made black and white, righteousness is evoked, and everyone not a member of the club is said to be in league with the devil.

But it isn't good and evil. It is "stuff that seems to work pretty good for most people" vs. "you a**hole, what did you do that for?" People, being inherently capable of a wide range of actions, at times go off the deep end and cause harm. Others accidentally do good stuff. Most of us intentionally do okay. But christians often seem to gloat about how wonderful you are and how horrid those of us are who are not biblically inclined.

I know what bad is, and I don't do it. Despite my lack of sky-daddy guidance. I have yet to shoot another. I have yet to rape. I've never beat a child. Nor robbed a bank or liquor store. Or anything else. So I have no idea why I should go into guilt mode or be mystified by my acceptable behavior just because I don't happen to have a well defined, non-ambiguous, clearly stated and all-encompassing set of moral guidelines from upon high like you do. Well, I exaggerated their quality and quantity and clarity, but thats because I lie sometimes.

Get over it. The only reason you have any high ground is because believers pile it on thick then stand atop it. The christian position is atop an artificially constructed and erroneously valued hill of righteousness that is too dependent upon the mass production of bullshit to be something worthy of pride.

Besides, to complain about our morals while basically admitting that you text and drive is just plain silly.
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