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I have to ask. If we are supposed to fix everything ourselves, why did he part the Red Sea for Moses and the gang? Shouldn't they have found their own way across the waters? Granted, he forgot to tell that group of half a million people where to go once they had escaped the alleged oppression, but that one act of parting the sea seems to indicate a willingness to occasionally step in and say lend a hand.

And what about the times when no amount of human intervention could fix the problem. Tsunamis and earthquakes that kill hundreds of thousands, starvation 500 years ago when there as no human infrastructure to fix the problem, diseases like the black plague of the same period, which were far beyond the ken of humans? The death and destruction caused by disease brought by Europeans to the native populations of North and South America? There was nothing humanly available to stop or control those diseases that killed so many when white men first set shores on the western continents. Later we whites used disease on purpose to wipe out native populations, but initially it was something nobody could have controlled. How is a god letting us handle it ourselves when we have no capacity to do so a sign of his everlasting love?

My list goes on and on. I keep getting told that we have free will, but no christian yet has told me why a bad guy's free will is of more importance than the free will of the six year old child he rapes and murders. Nobody has yet explained why a bad leader has the free will to start an unjust war and bomb another country back the stone age while the average citizen in the bombed country has no control whatsoever over the situation.

Your god, as per the bible, used to love us so much that he was willing to turn the occasional disobedient woman into a pillar of salt and tweet a message of hope to Daniel while he was in his cell. He was able to sweet talk lions into foregoing lunch and feed folks a nice meal that one time without resorting to food stamps. Today he is like Chancey in Being There. He just likes to watch. Is he as confused about what love is as he is about everything else? Shouldn't a real god be a bit less ineffective? Couldn't a god who can foresee everything kind of, you know, tweaked our DNA a bit to make us a bit more to his liking? Should have been a cinch.

And on top of all that, he forces you to come up with excuse after excuse for his inaction. How loving is that?

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