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Just honestly, I know there a lot of bad things going on in this world, a lot of wars and fighting, much of it over religion, but when I stop to think about how perfect everything in the universe has to be for our Earth to not move a foot (or whatever length it is) to the sun, killing us all, or move a foot away from the sun, killing us all, I just can't help but believe that something greater had to be involved in the making of it all.

Welcome Wesley. Though we don't debate here in the introduction section, I thought I would point out something that might become a problem for you. In the above, you mentioned that you believe (have been told) that the earth orbit is within a foot of where it has to be for us to survive. In fact, the distance from the earth to the sun varies greatly. On around December 21st, we are 91.4 million miles from the sun, while on June 21st, we are 94.5 million miles away. That is an almost 3 million mile variation (which I rounded to the nearest 100,000 miles), which means another foot one way or the other isn't likely to be an issue. So before you make scientific claims, make sure they are scientific and not merely religious interpretations of something already suspect.

Otherwise we'll jump you like crazy dogs (just kidding, more like slobbery puppies, but you get the idea.)
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