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How come you two look happy and intellectual and beautiful (well, one of you does)? I belong to the same site and the best I can manage is being deplorable and disgusting. The only place my picture shows up is at the post office. And on top of that, the only thing that ever had a crush on me was a boulder.

I'm thrilled for you anyway. I'm a sap for happy endings and trust that this happy beginning will ensure that. Do it right and remember this: if you think you might be doing something wrong, ask yourself if I would do such a thing. If the answer is yes, then you are doing something wrong.

P.S. FYI xphobe, you would have gotten Persephone a lot quicker if you didn't have such a creepy avatar. I know that's why I never made a move on you.  ;D

Edit: Tossed a smiley face in to make sure everyone understood mirth was involved.
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