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I don't claim to be an expert on the subject I have just recently learn more about it since I decided to do a paper on evolution and creation. And before I started this paper I figured it would be pretty balanced argument but I found that there is a lot less evidence than I thought for evolution. I went to that page its a lot to take in so I'll let you know how that goes and it will help me with my paper so thank you. I have done a lot of research and tried to be non bias on the subject. And I am currently in college if you must know. But what I was saying about winning if someone reduces to insulting is that if a person can't have an intellectual argument and state evidence for their case then what they say doesn't really matter that's where I get the "I win" part

Keep in mind that when you make a blanket statement, like you did in your first post when you said "A lot of you do not realize that there is ZERO evidence for the big bang", you immediately de-intellectualized the discussion. Science believes it has a lot of evidence for the big bang, and if you think that it is all bad evidence, that's fine. But you can't say it is not evidence. It might be bad evidence in your eyes. But it is still evidence. And dismissing is on one fell swoop and treating your statement as a fact in and of itself accomplishes nothing. In effect, you were insulting us by making it sound like we had nothing to back up our acceptance of the big bang theory as a highly plausible one.

That you disagree with the big bang theory is not the problem. That you didn't articulate one single counter-arguement is. That you think your statement about there being no proof provided, all by itself, all the information we needed to reassess the theory, and change our minds, was both trite and silly. If you expect better of us, you should be doing a bit better yourself.

Note: The above is not an insult. It is an observation. Should you take no measures clarify your position, I will go ahead and teach you about insults.

Added: How much proof for evolution were you expecting? Four or five gallons worth? 53.5 miles worth? 216° worth? How did you measure your expectation of evolution in order to find less than you expected? Because if tens of thousands of scientific papers, and museums and universities full of fossils, along with concurrent evidence from geologists and biologists and chemists isn't enough, it may be that your standards are the problem.

You are intellectually spoiled if you think that your expectations should dictate what constitutes sufficient proof.
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