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Why do I say this atheism is like a religion?

Because in this forum, just like in any religious forum, people bash with hate those who hold a different belief, and they're mercilesly undermined with hate and mock. Because they twist rules or logic in favor of their beliefs, and even because there are some people who "advice" not to listen those who think differently.

You may find this hard to believe, but there is a big difference between disagreeing with someone and hate, unless you're a republican, in which case it means the same thing.

To think that it makes sense for you to show up dissing the bible and yet agreeing that the biblical god is the right one, that's fine. To think we're all going to go gaga over your "new" way of looking at an old god is naive. And when you defend yourself so poorly, using reasoning that none of us would ever accept, even from an atheist, you sort of doomed yourself. We are not going to apologize for your inability to think critically about new age stuff. There is a reason there isn't a "New Age" section in my local university's science library.

At the end, people choose to follow atheism, for the most part, based not in reason but in emotions, just like in any religion. And so, my words sound empty and stupid to them, just like christian words can seem just the same to a muslim or a jew. No room for reason, no respect, no decency when comes to protect your beliefs.

See, you have it exactly backwards. The religious are emotional, yes, but my reasons, and I daresay the reasons virtually every other atheist on this site disbelieves is because of our rational assessment of reality. I don't get the least bit teary eyed over fossils or radiometric testing data or DNA samples. I do look at such things as evidence that forces besides the alleged intelligent ones could bring the universe and life into being. When unknowns confront us, like dark matter and whether or not string theory is legitimate, we wait patiently while those who know how investigate and research study such questions. Emotional people don't like not having answers. Rational people understand that we don't know everything and that we never will. But we try. And what we do know we accept as the best current description of reality, because nobody else, and especially not the religious, can do any better.

Therefore, I consider this to be the worst religion ever, because it have no god and no rules whatsoever, not even rules to break, no room for regret, no nothing but wild actions driven by emotional, brainwashed people.

No, wild emotional brainwashed people fly planes into the world trade center and burn children as witches in africa in 2012 and get excited whenever Rick Santorum opens his mouth. Those of us who question the stories of gods can't help but notice that we are far, far kinder and caring and loving than any description of the christian god ever conveys. I, for instance, am not so frickin' egotistical that I would give thought one to punishing every single generation of people I created over one measly broken rule. But you guys are into sinning big time, and rules and covenants and following your god, even as you blow each other up for not agreeing with you.

This year will make my 50th anniversary as an atheist, and I have yet get shot at by police. I recently walked back into the grocery store and paid for some ice cream that the checker forgot to charge me for. How is that a "no rules whatsoever, not even rules to break, no room for regret" type of action?"
People have the ability to believe, to follow, and no atheist can avoid being like that. It is present since the beginning of humanity, in every culture. People just "believe in something", so what do I have to say to your beliefs, to your faith? if such "religion" were to take over, world would become anarchy. That's what I think. We need a moral code, and atheists cannot offer that, they cannot even make people free from believing, they will, instead, turn to atheism as their new faith and find it have no system, therefore, anarchy will reign.

I of course cannot dissuade you from thinking this, because apparently it is important for you to have some sense of superiority over those who you disagree with. But I can tell you that you are wrong, so you can no longer say nobody ever told you. I repeat. You are wrong. Do I have beliefs? Yep. Are they religious in nature? Nope. Live with it. Or at least know that you've been told. That you are wrong.

Basically, believers think they're superior to others because their religion is true and they will go to heaven, plus, they're not just animals, they're the offpring of God. By the other side, atheist believe they are superior to others because they're smarter, they hold the truth, and the rest are just stupid lambs. Truth is, people is people, and atheists are no different from theists, well, theists have moral codes and try hard to be good.

You know, of course, that 70% of people think they have above average intelligence. That includes atheists as well as theists. So a lot of people are wrong about stuff like that. I don't consider myself all that intelligent. My strong point is sarcasm, not brilliance. And just like theists, I try to be good. And by the way, I have moral codes. Successfully taught to me by the society I grew up in. I must. I've not yet robbed a bank or torn the tags off my mattress. Why aren't you impressed?

Moreover, just think of the meaning of Lucifer and I. Think if that's what you want for you and your loved ones. A nick that represents everything that is evil and dirty, no matter what the bible says, Lucifer means evil, and this person uses that nick because atheists have NO RULES, no moral stablished and accepted, and it's not just his nick, but also the way he thinks and acts. To him I am trash, my arguments are trash, and we, believers are inferior.

Its a joke! Of course, atheists aren't the least bit concerned about the legitimacy of any Lucifer fella. You guys are. And why shouldn't we make fun of theists. You used to burn us at the stake. Give us a little leeway.

By the way, since you're not big on the bible anyway, why is the name Lucifer a problem? How do you know which parts to listen to and which not? Until you tell us the specifics of your belief system, we're likely to offend you in multiple ways. I hope the muppets aren't involved. I love quoting Kermit.

This is not only supported by him, but pretty much everyone in the comunity agrees with him and acts just the same. This proves my point, turning this "comunity" into a very dangerous one, even more dangerous than muslims. Also, this fits pretty good with prophecies of God. That's right, there are no proofs of God's existence, therefore, follow insanity and ruin your life, but remember: there are no proofs of God's non-existence either.

Dangerous? Are my words, when they show up on your screen, all sharp and pointy or something?

Here is a description of one event that took Place on "Bloody Friday" in Northern Ireland in 1972, because of the conflict between protestants and catholics:

A car-bomb exploded outside the Ulsterbus depot on Oxford Street, the busiest bus station in Northern Ireland. An Austin 1100 saloon car containing explosives had been driven to the rear of the depot. The consequent explosion resulted in the greatest loss of life and the greatest number of casualties. Some of the victims were virtually blown to pieces which led authorities to give an initial estimate of 11 deaths.[10] The area was being cleared but was still crowded when the bomb exploded. Two British Army soldiers, Stephen Cooper (19) and Philip Price (27), were close to the car bomb at the moment of detonation and died instantly. Three Protestant civilians who worked for Ulsterbus were killed: William Crothers (15), Thomas Killops (39) and Jackie Gibson (45). One other Protestant Ulsterbus employee, who was a member of the Ulster Defence Association, was also killed in the blast: William Irvine (18).[11] Close to 40 people were injured.

Read more at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bloody_Friday_(1972) if this turns you on.

Show me a case where one single atheist on this site has done or even threatened to do anything similar to you. Before you go tossing out charges like "dangerous", keep in mind that you and yours invented the term, or at least caused it to be needed. Atheists didn't charge into Jerusalem and make the streets knee deep in blood during the crusades. We're frickin' milquetoasts in comparison. If our words wound you, your sensitivity is a bit too high. But I can assure you that none of us are after your blood.

You're sensitive. That's not a bad thing. Until you use it to excuse your actions and call us bad. I daresay that virtually all of us could be a good friend of yours were we to meet elsewhere, if we could avoid feuding over our religious differences.

There will never be a time when everybody in the world agrees. If something horrible happens and suddenly there are only two people left, they will still not agree on god if both of them are religious. Even we atheists would squabble over who had the coolest looking belly wound. To expect to get along with people because you can make them agree with you will make every day of your life more difficult than it needs to be. Here at WWGHA you had a chance to learn how people who disagree with you think. Instead you had to make the claim that you are an innocent victim.

That will never serve you well.

You've just been told that too.
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