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My wife had a fling with a friend of mine before we were married. I found out about this after we were married. Hadn't spoken to him or really seen him in several years. Went into a fit of rage and hurt. Verbally abused her for it. Tried to kill myself over it because I was tired of hurting and I wanted to make her hurt. I was wrong. I begged GOD for help. It seemed as if my words faded into thin air. I had such a hard time forgiving her and him.

Overdosed on sleeping pills.

My Dad found me, called the paramedics. It was the friend who was the first responder on scene that aided in saving my life. I had no idea what he did.

I think it is pretty safe to say that if GOD did in fact exist, he would want me to forgive him. Perhaps... He helped me out with this un-forgiveness problem I was having. Actually, He helped more than I even realized and taught me a pretty good lesson. Several things actually. One of them life examples I was talking about earlier in the other thread.

Sure you can call this an emotional experience. You can say whatever you want. I lived it.

I've had bad days. Got over them. Without imagining a god was involved.

When god isn't in the equation, when one isn't begging forgiveness from him or asking for help, then a person can get practical and search for real-world answers. There is enough real guilt in the world. Adding fake guilt by thinking god is pissed adds nothing to the equation. To add complexity to an emergency by hoping god will help as you seek a quick solution is time you can't afford to waste. Real world sadness and real world pain can only be deal with using real world resources. You are wasting time if you insist on praying or begging your lord when what you need to do is get up on your feet and do something yourself.

Everyone asks "Why?" at times, whether there is a why or not. Everyone gets hurt by betrayal and misunderstandings and dishonesty. Everyone gets hurt by tragedy. But when people insist on adding an extra layer of complexity, i.e. a non-existent god, then all problems get worse. Time and emotion spent on thinking or hoping a deity will step in and fix everything is time not spent on resolving the actual issue. To use your already limited skill set of social and personal skills (that applies to all humans, me included. Not just you) to plead with a deity is a total waste of everything.

The worse part. You find a successful solution to any given personal problem. You find forgiveness or peace or you reconnect with someone important or you come to grips with a tragedy. Then you turn around and give all the credit to your "maker" when YOU did it. Then you start singing "Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound, That saved a wretch like me." to yourself and are happy you believe. Take some credit, dude.

It is all artificial. Every thought about god is a human construct. And as long as you think those thoughts legitimate, you will taking away from your own life. It's like becoming an adult and watching "School House Rock" sixty hours a week. There is no good reason.  And you are making things harder for others. Again, for no good reason. All you actually do when you let this god idea fabricate your happiness is make your pituitary gland pump out more endorphins. Otherwise, nothing is happening. Literally nothing.

Edit: Fixed what little I could. In case my English teacher is checking punctuation and stuff.
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