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If there is a god, this is the future he planned for us. So if he actually is real, he would have a hard time getting any worshipping out of me anyway. If all he does is sit back and watch things that he could easily prevent, then screw him.
I don't understand the appeal.
No, God didn't plan this future for us. As mentioned above, he designed us to live forever, but we willfully rebelled and fell. So now we're in a fallen state. He didn't want us to abuse our free will like that and live this way (in which we grow old and die).

Your understanding of the appeal (or lack thereof) of an afterlife obviously does not determine whether an afterlife exists.

Let me get this straight. He didn't plan our future, but he designed us to live forever, which means he planned our future, but we rebelled, something no decent, self-respecting omnipotent being could ever foresee, and then he decided to be peeved at each and every one of us rather than just the two naïve waifs that he couldn't explain things to very well in the first place. And he places incredible import on free will, and no importance to anything else, like pain, suffering, misunderstandings, squabbles, jaywalking, etc.

The free will thing is so cute. First he condemns us to a life of sin because of something someone else did, then he gets all excited about free will, something that is apparently hard for a sinner to deal with, since most of us are so busy disobeying the ten commandments and stuff. Every day, for instance, I get up and go over to my neighbors house and covet it. But I can't help myself. I was  born this way. Except I have free will. But not free will not be be born a sinner. Though there is a get out of jail card I could use, if I didn't mind lying to myself about what is true. Luckily, said get out of jail card is not necessary, because there is no real way to be saved, since the guy doesn't exist int he first place.

And the guy not existing in the first place is exactly why my feeling on the issue are moot. There is no afterlife, so no matter what I want for a dead me in the future, I can't have it. Unless I want nothing. Then I'll be okay. But you're right. Even if I wanted a wonderful afterlife, it wouldn't' matter, because whatever is, is. Or, in this case, whatever isn't , isn't.
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