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You should know that most of us don't actually have the many questions you so kindly answered. Since there isn't a god in the first place, little details about Jesus and others are of little relevance. We like to play around with such things from time to time, but only to show christians how little they know about reality.

You clearly know nothing of science of the scientific explanations of existence and of life. You are asking questions about the big bang and evolution that make it clear your only training on the subject has been from other incredulous believers who are used to making stuff up anyway, so they make it up about our side as well as your own. This does not further the discussion for anyone. It would take you less than an hour to google things like the big bang and evolution to get a more accurate view of the scientific side of this discussion, and if you're not willing to do even that much, I doubt we can have much of a discussion. I, for one, am tired of giving basic science lessons to believers who believe everything we think to be true is ridiculous.

Sorry that we have a shortage of haters, but we don't have a shortage of atheists who easily grow impatient with christians who come here thinking they have all the answers when in fact all they have is their own opinion. On everything. If people came to you every day and asked "Why did jesus wear only pink?" you would wonder what the heck they were talking about. Your knowledge of science is at about that same level, as is your knowledge of what atheism is. You are more than welcome to stick around and learn about both. You will presumably continue to be a christian, but at least your knowledge base will increase and you'll have a better idea of what you're up against in the wild and whacky world of unbelief.
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