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Do I want there to be a creator? lol... What a strange question to ask somebody. 20 bucks says there's some kind of cheezy Christian angle here; some kind of "gotchya" follow-up no matter what a person answers.

I honestly, truly don't care. It's not something I think about. Do you want there to be genies in lamps? Do you want to meet Bugs Bunny in person? I'm willing to bet you don't spend much time thinking about such things. Same thing with me and gods. An anthropomorphic "creator" is an absurdism that just doesn't blip on my reality radar.

As an aside, why would the universe care what I want anyway? I *want* my face on the one dollar bill. I *want* world peace. I *want* to wake up every morning next to a beautiful 5'8 140 lb Cello-playing Polynesian stripper with a PHD in Quantum Mechanics and a minor in Gangsta Rap.

You can't always get what you want. Mick Jagger. Wise man.

Wanting is all fine and good, but I don't waste time "wanting" stupid, nonsensical shit, like being besties with Bigfoot or getting a ride on a unicorn. Likewise, I don't go around wishing for invisible sky daddies to fill in the gaps of my knowledge, or looking for intangible, invisible, silent, cosmic father figures to go crying to with my problems. That's what books and friends are for.

If a "creator" existed somewhere, I fail to see how it would affect me anyway. Considering it would have never taken the time to say "Hi!" and introduce itself to the world at large, or otherwise make any impact on the world whatsoever, let alone use it's cosmic super powers to improve the world, it might as well be some random French guy working in some office park in Quebec. It/His existence would be utterly meaningless to me, it makes no difference to me whether or not it would exist.

Of course, these answers won't satisfy a Christian. They want an answer that specifically addresses Yahweh specifically, in all his big fat fumbling genocidal crybaby glory.

In which case, I'll go with both A.)"Yes, oh deary me, I SO want there to be an Eternal and all-knowing Foreskin Collector to love me and look over me and to torture people FOREVER AND EVER AND EVER if they're what I preceive as bad!"

and B.)"No, I don't want there to be a creator because I don't want to bend a knee to anybody, and I just want sin and sin and sin and never pay for it! DERP YAY!"

There ya go. Text book retard answers, hand-delivered to all the little retards in retardville. Being as you TOTALLY nailed a blasphemous, godless heathen with this totally original and ingenious philosophical question, you may now proceed to give glories and noogies and pat each other on the backs and buttocks.Yay! Altar boy molestation celebration begins promptly at six, out by the dumpsters behind the Circle K. Praise Him!   &)
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