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If you have faith, you'll know how to take care of your health. You cannot have faith and drink and eat stakes, pork, junk food all the time and be merry. Jesus was the Son of God and he didn't live like a rich person.

Lmao... Wut?? You mean the guy who supposedly had GOLD and SPICES brought to him the DAY HE WAS BORN? You mean the guy who supposedly lived his life with a dozen yes-men and hangers-on following him around, ready to do his every bidding? You think your precious zombie on a stick ever had to go hungry (not including self-induced rich-boy style fasting of course)? The douchebag had women WASHING HIS FEET WITH THEIR HAIR for the love of Zeus.

Yeah. He lived like a rich person. I understand that might be hard to notice with your head so far up your ass though.

Oh, and by the way, nice move there, using somebody's personal tragedy to try to slip in the dick of your disgusting little cult. You are one fucked up human being, Sparky. Go drink your kool-aid and shut the f**k up. Thanks! Oh, and Hail Satan n' Junk!
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