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Oh, and by the way, you are one sick, SICK piece of s**t human being.

What a souless coward you are, You vile fucking hag, you are mentally ill

You disgust me. And so does your savage child-killing cult.

I suppose I should look on the bright side. You're doing a fantastic job of demonstrating just how utterly fucking evil AND brainless your religion is. Keep it up.
Look at George's question again. Ray
He said "If God askes" I am talking about God. Not your neighbor Bob.
The God who created heaven and earth and us.
If this omnipotent being(anything is possible) directly tells me something to do, I would do it.
because for Him anything is possible. (raising anybody from the death would be one of them)
Of course I don't think God will ask me to do such thing.

So cool down. 
I have a worse horror story than above.
If you indoctrinate your kid into atheism.
It is so horrible, I don't even want to think about it, as a parent.

Oh f**k YOU you retarded bitch. I KNOW you're talking about your dumbass imaginary 3=1 + 5 - 2.2 zombie desert god and not "neighbor Bob" (DUR-HUR! CLEVER! &) ). Who CARES? It DOESN'T EXIST, so in reality what you're saying is, if the VOICES IN YOUR HEAD told you to do it, you'd do it.

You've already expressed that you don't think your god would ask you to do such a thing. But you've also stated that you don't know it's will, can't understand it's motives, don't know it's plan, and have no idea why things go the way they do. So you're not in a position to speculate what your god would or would not command, are you? Or how, or when, or pretty much anything else?

YOU DO NOT KILL YOUR KIDS. PERIOD. You *MUST* know how horribly wrong it is somewhere deep down. So grow a fucking SPINE you coward! Stand up to your imaginary tyrant if he tells you to murder children! I mean what the f**k is WRONG with you!?

And I don't have kids. But if I did, WHAT. WHAT would happen if I DID and I "indoctrinated" them into being atheists?

You can bet your pasty fat ass that there is not a single entity anywhere in the universe that could convince me to HURT THEM OR KILL THEM. EVER. UNDER *ANY* CIRCUMSTANCES. So right off the bat, I'm a better parent than you, even sans children.

Know why? Because when atheists hear voices telling us to murder our children in the name of ancient zombie gods, WE GO TO SEE A MENTAL HEALTH PROFESSIONAL. We don't sit around with our thumb in our ass going "Mehg, oy, iz that rely GAWD tawking n' iz thiz rely wut he wants?"

So f**k you and f**k your bullshit brainwashed "Oh NO those kids are ATHEIST HOW TERRIBLE" bullshit. You don't have a leg to stand on after admitting you'd murder your kids. You have lost ALL credibility for being considered a decent, sane human being worth talking to.

Including your own kids. Something tells me they don't know dear old mom's opinion on this subject. Why don't you do the Christian thing, be honest, and go tell them? "You know kids, I'd absolutely kill you if god told me to." See how they react. See how much appreciation they show for your devotion.

Like I said, *MY* mother would endure a dozen "hells" before harming her children. You would not. Thus, you are an inferior mother, an inferior human being, and your religion has brain damaged you into being a vile, dispicable person whom 95% of the world would spit on if they knew your thoughts on the subject.

f**k, even if your god DID exist, and commanded you to kill your kids,  you are a still a spineless, souless psychopath for doing something so horrible just because something in a position of power COMMANDED you too. "But it's GOD!" So what if you think it's a god? Might makes Right! That's what you're arguing. You KNOW that "Might Makes Right" is utterly wrong. You KNOW it is. So take a stand for f**k's sake! Say "NO!" Where are your principles woman??? Where are those morals that you claim atheists don't have??? Right out the window upon divine request, eh? Do you have any idea what ugly things this indicates about your character? 

You know what that makes you? I mean, besides an unlikeable, delusional, psychotic, murderous, sociopathic, cowardly, deceptive, dangerous, and probably horribly bloated piece of s**t human being? A TOOL.

Where does the infanticide stop? What if your bloodthirsty super being commanded you to kill MORE kids? At what point would you say "Enough!"? 20 kids? 50? Is there a point where you would actually stand up for yourself and say "NO"? Or would you be willing to become a serial killer for Yahweh if it requested such a thing from you?

No matter how you justify it, your original confession has clearly demonstrated that every atheist on this site is a better person than you, is more couragous than you, has better morals than you OR your god, and that you need to be locked up someplace where your delusions and fears can not manifest themselves in ways that will hurt yourself or others. Well, others anyway. I don't particularly care if you hurt yourSELF, to be honest.

I'm actually keeping my fingers crossed that your sinister imaginary boogieman tells you to waddle your ass down to the railyard for some holy train dodging this afternoon.

People like you drag the entire species down. Congratulations, you've revealed yourself to be a human cancer. >:(

edited: To tone down the hostility.
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