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Sometime between last night and today he smited me on a completely unrelated post and wrote "I am not a sociopath, I have OCD and ASD, that is pathetic?"

So now these medical conditions apparently have the side effect of making somebody a shitty person.

I hear ya, man. And I can confirm my compulsive tendencies are the perfect gateway behavior for mental abuse and mayhem. Just yesterday I found myself in the grocery store organizing the apple bin from largest to smallest, then *BAM* before I knew it lopped off heads were skidding along isle 5, I took a cashier as my concubine, and I had convinced and elderly couple to invest everything they had in gold.

Ahh, that's a bitch Z. So you didn't even get to the Apricots, Avacados, or Bananas? That's terrible!  :-[

Well, I hope your evening went better for you. And if it makes you feel better, you totally redeemed yourself with the solid financial advice you gave to the geriatrics. You're a good man deep down, Z. You mustn't blame yourself when these things happen. It's the disorder. The terrible, evil, I NEED TO RAPE A BUFFALO AND I NEED TO RAPE ONE *NOW* disorder.

Damn these terrible afflictions.

These things happen to the best of us. Why I had a leg cramp about a year ago, and before I knew it I was running around dismembering every Mexican and Eskimo I could get my hands on. It was quite a mess, let me tell you.

I liked to mix and match the pieces so I could make Meximos.
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