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When you encourage Christians to begin studying Christian Apologetics (such as sites like CARM.org) it is often the quickest way for a Christian to lose their faith and embrace reason.

Christian Apologetics was definitely the catalyst to my de-conversion.  I'll never forget the day I was searching for answers to one of the ambiguously revealed doctrines of the bible and I set my bible down on the table next to the "Big Book of Bible Difficulties" by popular Christian apologists Norman Geisler and Thomas Howe.  The "Big Book of Bible Difficulties" appeared to be twice the size of my bible. 

In addition, as a former Christian, I was fortunate to be able to listen to different podcasts throughout the entire day at my job.  I would download many Christian apologetic podcasts and would listen to many different pastors on different Christian doctrines.  It affected my faith when I heard different Christian apologists argue with other Christian apologist on various doctrines.  Honestly, most of the time I found that both sides of an argument was credible as both sides could cherry-pick different verses to support their argument concerning a specific Christian doctrine. 

Eventually I lost my faith as I concluded that the bible was written by different authors at different times who had different purposes and different theologies and that's why there are so many different interpretations on different doctrines.  This went entirely against what I grew up believing---THE BIBLE IS THE INERRANT AND INFALLIBLE WORD OF GOD!   

What really affected my faith is when I started hearing different Christian/Atheist debates through podcasting and most of the time I found myself agreeing with the Atheist.  A good recommendation is "God Debate" through I-tunes podcasts.  In addition, I would download various Christian Q and A podcasts and discover that different Christians had different answers to the same questions that were asked.   

I wanted to be the Christian dad and husband that could answer any biblical question my son approached me with.  I immersed myself in Christian apologetics.  It was difficult for me to accept that there is not just ONE Christian argument that represents practically any Christian doctrine presented in the bible.  I finally lost my faith when I found out that the doctrine of salvation isn't even clear in the bible. 

I left my former Church because I disagreed with the pastor's gospel.  I remained a Christian for 6 months after my decision to leave my Church and ran a "home Church" with my family thinking we had the correct gospel.  And then after plowing through the many Christian apologetic arguments that went against my view on various Christian doctrines, I couldn't remain arrogant enough to think that I (or any other Christian) had the truth since the bible is written so ambiguously. 

I used to convince my family that my view on all the different Christian doctrines was the correct view and that all the other Christians who disagree with me twisted "scripture".  But I was too intellectually honest to remain this arrogant.

I have come a long way in the last year because now it makes complete sense that the entire idea of different Christians twisting scripture is relative.  One Christian apologist thinks another Christian apologist twists scripture.  Both actually have legitimate arguments since there is a lot of support for both arguments concerning any various doctrine.  One apologist thinks another apologist is twisting scripture and so on.  The fact is, it's impossible NOT to twist scripture since most every doctrine presented in the bible is ambiguous. 


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