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So let's say you own a restaurant (in this Example you are God and the restaurant is heaven) The difference between you and God is that God cannot lie. If he says there is something on the plate, there is something on the plate. Let's say I look around and see many people eating of plates that looks empty for me. i ask them what is going on and they assure me that there is something on the plate. I am free to choose, believe in the restaurant manager and see what's in the plate or don't and leave the place. I would not want to pay the bill and will be sad and hungry outside the restaurant where the party is going on. (just like heaven and hell)

First of all you can physically see that the plate is empty. 

The rest is not comprehensible. 

Hell is an eternal fire.  Unless the restaurant closes you can always go back in and try the empty plate.  There is no returning from hell.

I think you've had too much FALSE DOCTRINE!

You believe in a cruel God that makes you a cruel man! 

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