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I was hoping to influence Christians here more so than atheists and y'all run 'em off faster than I can get a hold of them. :laugh:
Haha that's gold ;D You do belong with us.

I'm sailing through chemo.  I have been kind and loving pretty much with everyone here.  I got kicked down to the shelter to punish me for taking up for DR T. 

There isn't much worse than kicking a girl while she is down.  Want to pour some salt in my port? 

I had just said this place TR and God is my support. That my house felt like a tomb.  Then the big status change.

I just can't believe a little ole harmless hillbilly is too much for this place.  I consider this a victory for belief. 

I have been friendly and respectful.  Never been so insulted anywhere so much as here.  They might have well went and kicked around a sick puppy.  There is definitely a coldness here not felt at theist forums.

As far as belonging here and being part of a community I am not.  I wanted too.  I'm sure the mod that stuck me here said the same thing in an Introduction thread.  I knew it wasn't sincere.  I don't fit anywhere.

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