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Other than not worshiping your god, my life is much like any other. I try to help people, I try to be the best I can at what I do, I try to leave the world a better place. If the only significant difference between myself and a christian is that I don't worship god, then the purpose of life seems to boil down to worshiping god. Seriously? God is so petty and insecure that he needs me to worship him? If there is a god, and its got any sense of reason and love at all, then it will see that other than the falling on my knees in worship thing, I'm just like anyone else. So my being saved is contingent on my believing in one specific description of this being, and on guessing right as to which one he is, and then stroking his ego? That's absurd on the face of it.

Where do you get the idea that God wants you to worship him? 

I never feel that way.  I thank God for the blessings in my life but that's as far as it goes.  IF WE COULD ALL ONLY SEE THAT OUR PURPOSE IS TO LOVE ONE ANOTHER SO THAT THIS PRECIOUS GIFT WE CALL LIFE CAN CONTINUE INFINITELY.  WE ARE HERE FOR A REASON.  Everything out there in here it's all one big part of everything!!!

It wouldn't hurt you guys and ladies to step outside the phony religions and see that it takes a MUCH Greater Force to be so patience.  To let this planet evolve over time into the perfect habitat for several different life forms to exist.  It was no coincident that the dinosaurs were wiped out, mankind could not have survived as well with such large predators hunting them down.  We would be more like rats hiding underground to keep from being somebodies supper.  Then there is that added bonus $$$ fossil fuels.  I see no coincidences here at all these are things that could only be accomplished by a brilliant, compassionate and loving Creator/ the force that holds it all together. IMO

love, jb

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