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Even an atheist should be able to come up with some sort of celestial paradise.   
But that would just be making it as I go along. I'm trying to find truth.

What is the imagination for? 

Did you ever think if we knew the truth about heaven we'd flock there like birds and never go through this part of life?  There have been many times I felt like going not even knowing with absolute certainty but believing it is better than here.  What stopped me, I'll tell you what, the unknown.  That's what.  If we had tour guides and brochures we'd all take that one way trip to peace.  We don't though and that is why,IMO.  We would not care to cure disease it would be a different life.  It would have a profound effect about the way we don't live this life.

I wish I could help you find your truth I really do. 
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