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IMO, there is no such thing as time in the after world.  Time stops as soon as you leave the earth, at least slows down dramatically. We could be there infinitely and it only feel like a 100 years. 

The only good thing about dying is the anticipation of the beautiful journey it may offer.  Don't go by what the bible said use your imagination, you have one for a reason, there's no shame in using it.  I for one definitely consider my friends and family but I don't believe there are strangers in the after world.  I could go on and on infinitely about all the possibilities there are! In your version nat, you'll be resting but you want have the pleasure of knowing your doing it but if that gives you peace I do not want to disturb you. :) 

The spirit is not bound by flesh and there is a lot to explore out there.  I intend on finding a big fluffy cloud and resting with the most wonderful peace I've ever known.  I may be too excited at first.  Really I'd like to talk to our Maker first.  Plead my case for the blessing to help watch over my brothers and sisters of planet earth, after a much needed tour of the universe. ;)  I bet that's why we don't get hit by asteroids that would destroy mankind.  Those that have gone on before protect us. 

Until then I am bound with bars of bones and flesh and gravity.  I believe this life is preparing us for the next level of life!!!  I'm sorry folks but this is way more exciting than just being dead.  All is IMO, of course.   ;D I know we all have 1. 

I'll see you on the other side my friends!!!  The bible isn't God's word.  I don't believe in their hell!!!!!!  It's manipulation at it's core.

I bet most of you could spend a lot of time with people like Darwin, Einstein and Newton and many other great minds that you admire.  Oh my I could sing with Patsy Cline, there are so many singers I could sing forever and ever and ever!!!

The possibilities are endless when you open up your beautiful minds!!! ;) :) :laugh:
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