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yelp nut job indeed.  crazy as they come.   :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: 

You don't have a big enough hammer to crack this nut ole wise one.  :P

That's pretty dishonest considering earlier you stated you would change your mind if shown to be irrational, which has been noted many times in response to your arguments. This kind of intellectual hypocrisy is quite common among you religious folks. Statements like this indicate that you clearly do not really care if your beliefs are actually true. Like most God believers, you just want to be comfortable in your assumptions and feelings - instead of being rational. Sad.

You have no [absolute] truth to prove my beliefs irrational.  That's the sad part.  As Morgan Freeman So eloquently put it; "the debate is not likely to end anytime soon", Through the Wormhole.  With that in mind your claim of my dishonesty is moot.

I'm leaving the main discussion zone to Nam.  My place is in the Shelter and my cancer support group I've found here.

See Ya
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