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The evidence is me, you, and the earth.  Conscience.  Y'all consistently dismiss this as evidence but it is!!!  If I bake a cake the cake is evidence that I baked it.  Even if you can't see me there baking it somebody baked it and it wasn't santa claus.

Yes it is research.  If I want to know will God comfort my spirit I have to allow that.  My spirit was comforted and strengthened.

People shouldn't pray over football.

Seems funny to me that every book I've read on staying positive with cancer says to be spiritual. 

There are mountains everywhere and there are valleys, not much different from life is it? 

I've got a question for you Nogods.  When I was alone wanting to disappear/vanish felt nothing but despair where else could I have gone?  Humans were the ones hurting me.  Should I have turned to humans?  I'm telling you w/o God there I would have wept until I died!!! :'(   
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