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So I got the idea in my head after 7-8 years of atheism that God can exist w/o religion.  W/o religion God is Love to me.  There is a Power that comes from Love.  Love defeats hate.  Always has, always will!!!
Absolutely marvellous! I can work with this idea!  Where is the smilie for clap/applause?  :angel:

I believe there is more to learn about God that what we find in religious books.  I believe firmly that religion can block the path to God even make God look pathetic as I have indicated in this thread.
Yes, religion does make God look pathetic - and I've been supporting you, Junebug72, in this for some time now.

The next step is ... where can we look to find any divine provided/inspired info about this fairly illusive God of Love?  Or is it maybe a Human creation - a synthesis of our combined better inner selves!?  Somewhat in line with the completely Human-made and rigorously peer-reviewed philosophy of Humanism?

Your heart.  I don't care where Love comes from.  I know it exists and humans are better off when they have Love. 

It is not really my goal to convince you of God.  It was at first but minds and goals do change.  Now my only goal is to convince atheists that not everybody that believes in God is a hater and that you fix this with Love not hate.  Two wrongs don't make a right.  My sweet mother taught me that.  RIP

Thanks William for opening your mind and heart to me. ;) I will show you the same respect.
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