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The definition of spiritual not religious for me is to search for God from your soul not from a book or religious teachings.  I looked into religions and I found that there were positive and negative components with all of them.  Unbelievable claims and such. So I got the idea in my head after 7-8 years of atheism that God can exist w/o religion.  W/o religion God is Love to me.  There is a Power that comes from Love.  Love defeats hate.  Always has, always will!!! 

Yes I know a lot about Jesus.  I grew up fundamental baptist.  I don't believe the church is what Jesus wanted.  From what I read Jesus would not like these churches at all.  He spoke very strongly against long prayers/robes, money changing hands at the temple, and judging.   He gave his life for what he believed.  I will not dishonor him even if he is not real.  It is a beautiful story of Love.  I believe that it is very possible/likely that Jesus existed and that he Loved his fellow man that much.  I believe that Jesus was spiritual not religious. 

So you see I will not take the title of christian out of respect for Jesus not disrespect.  Not because I consider him a God either, because I consider him a great and Loving "man".

Now that being said I don't close my mind up there.  I believe there is more to learn about God that what we find in religious books.  I believe firmly that religion can block the path to God even make God look pathetic as I have indicated in this thread. 

So I hope this helps you understand me better. 

Take care now ;)

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