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Just to make it utterly clear, Junebug, I didn't do this to avoid your threat, I did it to rub your nose in how wrong you are but I found evidence of the real underlying problem:

You didn't provide any proof of your claim against me; "I denied using the term  Intelligent Design."  It's just a bunch more of you twisting words around to confuse people.  You even said yourself you understand that it's the term I'm using causing the confusion.  All confusion should have cleared away as soon as I explained the use of the term.  All that rambling just makes you look desperate.  When you have to change the words to mean what you want they no longer mean what I meant.

I have proven you an unworthy source.  You did not provide proof of claim; denied using the term intelligent design.  Your use of the word "but" makes it obvious.

It's not my use of words that is the problem here but there is definitely some word abuse going on.

Nam got smites for his unfounded insults.  He really needs to expand his vocabulary.


Don't scorn me.

I tried very graciously to walk away from this thread.  I proved my point.  There are several links to information about the spiritual but not religious.  I explained my life's philosophy comes from Ancient Toltec Knowledge.  I have my theory on the bible mostly that it's disgraceful to God.  When I say God I mean The Source of Life.  I am not referring to any religious deity.

Can you believe a smite for a sincere  take care guys.  Not one of them had given a summary of the link I provided.  That's when I knew it was just fun and games at my expense.  They are not the least bit sincere about understanding me. Anybody can twist words and confuse.  My beliefs are not this complicated. I am spiritual but not religious.  Religions use people's spirit/conscience for profit and control.  I am not a part of that.

Yes I know the bible and I am more than capable of holding my own in a biblical debate.  That does not make me a christian.  You have to claim to be a christian to be a christian.  I believe in God, all the religious propaganda is hearsay.  I go by my own personal experience.  SPAG right? 

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