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I'm going to respond to jdawg, William, Samothec and Timtheskeptic with this post.

First welcome to the discussion Tim.

Jdawg, I clearly told you I do not have a relationship with Jesus.  So why turn around and say that I do? 

1st question-We all have life experiences but not the same ones.  Mine has been very different from yours and so on and so on. I know you must be aware of this.

When you read the bible without belief in it's divinity/holiness it is a different read.

Why would you say that intelligence stems from sentience?  I would think it the other way around.  Sentience stems from intelligence. 

2nd question-I believe Jesus was close to God.  The authors of his story are human and their interpretation may be exaggerated.  For instance, the virgin birth, walking on water, healing, rising from the dead and turning water into wine.  See I am familiar with human nature and I don't know, when I read the bible with this in mind it stands out to me. 

Jesus is so much greater as a man than a demi-god. 


You will never understand me as long as you define me as a Christian.  Just because I've been inspired by a few verses?  That does not make me a Christian.  It makes me inspired by a few verses.

This is for all of the above. It's like a need at this point to me for you to insist that I'm Christian.  Do you think this would discredit me in some way?  If you could just prove I'm Christian then my views are moot?  I think that's what this is.  I can think of no other reason why someone would insist I am what I say I am not.

I capitalize the name of God because it is a name.  To show respect to the Creator.  I have no other name.  We are all familiar with this name.


There is both beauty and blood in this world.  The landscape being the most beautiful. 

The antelope's mother will not grieve over her young as would a human.  She continues to run away from the hyenas.  She does not stay and fight them off.  Yes other species will try to protect their young but it's not due to emotional attachment it is instinctual.  I believe God spared the animals emotions because of their place in the cycle of life. 

I've got to go for now.  Having some pain in my biopsy area. Take care.

Good morning Nam.   ;D  I am not an apologist either. 
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