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If torturing people for eternity in a lake of fire is "love", then yes, YHYH loves the people who are in hell.

Being outside of time, eternity is not the same as we would describe it from the inside.
The lake of fire is said to destroy everything, so the internal torment people experience
from their decision not to trust God will end at that time as well.  Everything not perfect
is destroyed in the lake of fire. Torment would likely be as well.

Are you familiar with the parable of the rich man.  He looked up at Lazarus and begged for water. 

My loving God, that I believe in, is fair and just. I don't think God tortures unbelievers.  In fact I think God gets angrier at believers for saying God would.  I think God is angry at many believers for misrepresenting God's Love.

By the way I wish you would respond to the other thread about Noah's ark.  I replied to you with the statement that a Loving God would not do such a thing as drown a bunch of people/children.  Any body that knows about Love should be able to clearly see the bible contradicts a loving God.  Rather than become atheist I become spiritual.  I believe in God w/o religious assistance.  I thank God for all the blessings in my life.  By the way I'm a lesbian going to heaven.  Atheist are going to heaven for being good people.  Christians will not all see heaven because they disgrace God with their words and their actions.  Not all but I'm saying some.  Pat Robertson comes to mind.  Let's don't forget old Fred Phelps and Jerry Falwell.

They should not even call themselves Christians because they are not like Christ.
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