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You pointed out that there are many Americans living below poverty levels. 
I think you have little idea how difficult it is aiding foreign countries. If it were easy, there would be little poverty.

However, it is best to start closer to home. Can you suggest three laws or policies you would implement to alleviate poverty in the US? Please include cost estimates and suggest where that money might come from?

No Graybeard I am fully aware of the difficulties.

 I am no politician but I'll do my best.

I would raise minimum wage.  I would calculate a fair profit to wage percentage.  The rich will pay for this.

Social Services will be aimed at bettering lives not enabling. I'd pay for it by legalizing marijuana.  The war on drugs will be institutions specializing in rehabilitation and education.

I will create jobs by investing in clean energy. 

I can't leave out education.  All schools get the same amount of money and the best education is available to all neiborhoods. 

I can't leave out health care.   I would find a away to make it accessible to all citizens.  I mean the best care for all.

Now may I please have your take.  I'm sure you're much better at specifics than I am.  I do respect your opinion.  You seem very intelligent to me.
I know you want specifics in cost.  I am not a professional politician but if I had an office with people working for me we would make it happen.
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