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I sure don't see how you got there from here.  It saved my life which should carry a little value to you if you care about your fellow man.  I could've turned to drugs and alcohol like a lot of people do.  Everyone is Important, me included.  For you to say otherwise is just callous.

I don't hog prayers I hardly ever pray for myself.  I pray more for you than I do me. I did cry out to God when I couldn't take anymore and I got the comfort I needed.
I dont understand why you think its okay for god to save your life, but usher those kids on to deaths door. Can you not see how selfish you are for postulating such a notion? how arrogant that makes you... maybe you need to step back and ask yourself why you think of all the 7 billion people on this planet you think you are important enough for god to save while he lets thousands upon thousands starve to death yearly. If not millions. I tell you what, even before I left Christianity and god belief, I said a prayer for to stop giving me shit and to take whatever was coming to me and instead take care of those kids... didnt happen though.

So you don't think God should help little 7 year old girls that are molested? I trust God has those children under his care, spiritually.  We are responsible for helping them physically.

He's got the whole world in his hands. LA LA LA LA LA  I think God is there with us all.  Not to control us but to comfort us. 

You should've given those things yourself and saved God the trouble.  You're killing me right now I m bad for accepting God's help after what I suffered thru, maybe you need details I was 7 and he was an ugly fat smelly man with thick glasses but you expectedGod to run your errands. WoW.
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