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such a gift!!

explain why "god" helped you through whatever you were going through, but throws these kids to the wayside?

and him helping you didnt violate your freewill?

I believe God does help those precious children spiritually.  Humans with kind hearts physically help those babies.  Greedy people take advantage of them. 

God doesn't pull puppeteer strings.  It was my trust in God that helped me.  Trying to understand that whatever happens in my life will be Okay because God will spiritually not physically see me through.  It's the power of the philosophy I've learned on my path to God, but mostly it comes from TRUSTING GOD.

If you're willing it's not a violation of free will but the answer to a prayer.

Is it possible for the parents to grow gardens where these children live?  If not, maybe they should be relocated!!!  Are there grocery stores?  We could give them EBT cards. 

Yes I believe those children are surrounded by Angels.  I can't see them but I BELIEVE they are there.  Just as I believe they are there for all of us. Not to control us but to comfort us if you are WILLING.
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