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Self preservation and greed are two different things goddess. You have not took more than you need.

Oh, yes I have!   I have a larder well stocked with spices.  I own more than one computer.  I have an E-book.  I buy chocolate bars on a regular basis.  I eat fast food.  I spend $30.00/hour on weekly music lessons with a private instructor.  I like to have a good bottle of whisky in the liquor cabinet.  These are not things that I "need" -- These are things that I want.

As for your ham-handed slander of My character, Junebug,  I'm tempted to outright sue you for literally everything you own for insinuating that I would be "a friend to a murderer."

You have 24 hours to post an unqualified apology in this thread.

You know I would have given you an apology if you hadn't of threatened me with legal action. I don't usually go off on people like that.  All I could see was those cancer ridden children taken too soon because of greed.  I should not have responded with so much emotion and I am sorry for that.  I really do hope you can forgive me and sue me because I don't want anyone to think I'm just saying I'm sorry because I don't want to be sued but because I'm genuinely sorry for making a horses a$$ out of myself.
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