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In this thread, we're currently having a knock-down-drag-out fight in which one of the participants insists that greed is responsible for the majority of the world's ills.  I'm going to take the opposing stance and point out the many benefits that I received because I decided not to be content with the absolute minimum.

This is what I managed to accomplish in the last 20 years or so, when I came to My senses and started putting My own needs at the top of the heap rather than being a long-suffering helpmeet to people who didn't appreciate what I was doing for them anyway:

  • It all started when I dropped a volunteer bookkeeping gig and turned down overtime at work.  Reclaimed enough free time to pursue a business certificate at a local college  and graduated with GPA of 4.3.
  • Using the knowledge from the Sales and Marketing courses at the college, made successful application into an IT program a couple of years later.  Salary went up considerably.
  • The IT job gave Me the financial means to get safely out of a bad marriage and save up for a deposit on a new house.
  • Took driver's lessons and bought a car, rather than sticking with bus or foot travel.  In addition to making it easy to bring home groceries and cat litter, this facilitated music lessons and karate classes and enabled Me to take jobs that required a car.  (I also don't think I would have built the 25-foot-long dragon sculpture in My front yard without access to a car, either -- Kind of hard to carry bags of concrete on the bus.)
  • After quitting My most recent IT job because of health issues, I found work as a medical transcriptionist.  This was a part-time gig through a temp agency.  I went looking for a second part-time job in the field.  This opened doors, and I ended up with a full-time permanent job with another large pay hike and fantastic benefits, and for which I gladly left the original temp job.
TL;DR version:  Education, divorce, career opportunities, driving, big-@ss dragon sculpture, purple belt in Shotokan karate, playing music all over Southern Manitoba, and money -- More than enough to share or give away.

I think greed and selfishness get a bad rap because of a scarcity mentality -- The idea that somehow there isn't enough to go around, rather than lots for everyone.  I think the universe is more than big enough for the most grandiose dreams, and that it's better to pursue those dreams than play at being altruistic and resenting every moment.

Comments, please, and/or personal anecdotes on how greed has made *your* life better.

Self preservation and greed are two different things goddess. You have not took more than you need. Do you praise greed at the gas pumps, grocery stores.  You don't have a problem with inhumane labor practices so corps. can profit 50 billion $ instead of 20. Or those people that have died from cancer because of fracking for gas and blasting off mountain tops that leaves communities water sources poisoned with carcinogens. You go ahead and praise greed.  Praise the greed in government whose only interest is big corps. that fund their campaigns, go ahead. That way when God belief defeats it you atheist can take no credit in bettering your world.

Tell all those children that have died from greed related pollutions how you praise greed. Do you praise murder too, rape, pediphilia? At least those monstrosity affects only a few, while greed affects us all.  Better yet go tell the ones that are still alive and fighting for their little precious lives what a friend you are to their murderer.

While you're praising greed tell those children in third world countries I've seen so many pictures of here how great greed is, I have a feeling they will disagree with you. Tell the families that have lost their homes because greedy corps found cheaper labor overseas, mostly women and children working in substandard conditions.
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