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John does not exist I do. Big difference, big.

I thought you knew how to examine evidence. If I was in your shoes I would check the information.  See if any other "real" people have experienced the same phenomena.  After that I would then set up clinical tests on those individuals and compare data.

There is proof of something supernatural from those healings!!!

You are the one that thinks it's possible to find and examine evidence on a forum when I have already pointed out to you it's not possible. If you had been here when I had my "spiritual" experience, you could have learned a whole lot more.  You would at least know something happened.

I don't know why either of us are here.  You say you want evidence of God but you don't have any desire to find God.  That just don't make sense.  I am not going to convince you there is a God because you don't want to be convinced.  In fact, you try very hard not to be.  I don't believe you should try to cram beliefs down someone's throat Anf. I believe people should communicate their thoughts, "express yourself", but there comes a time when you have to "live and let live." I have shared my story with you that's all a girl can do. You do what you like with it.  Just know that there is a believer that loves you and wishes you happiness. 

I don't want to fight and that's what this feels like.  I just know we're in trouble if we don't learn how to work together. I'm on a mission of peace not war.

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