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Yes I did. If you really want me to go back there and find it for you I will but it's going to make you look dumb and lazy. Here's a clue, it was a reply to Jag.

I am willing to risk it. You'll have to see if you can find where you answered that question satisfactorily (without other unsubstantiated claims) because I cannot find it among all the ducking and dodging. I am quite confident that even if you did manage to sneak an answer in these 30 pages of back and forth that my reputation will come out unscathed, but I appreciate your concern.

Here's another clue - I haven't gotten a satisfactory answer to anything yet. Feel free to dig through anything that's been posted in response to me or my questions, but don't count on it supporting your position jb.

If you are going to throw me a smite over a false accusation junebug, I expect you to defend it as well. Explain please.

Edited: Correction - apparently you see multiple false accusations here.

Don't worry they don't hurt.  &)

The only satisfying answer I could have given you would not have been an honest answer because it would have to be an answer that is yours not mine.  It's an unacceptable attack against my character, one that I will no longer tolerate.  I take a lot of pride in being kind, patient, accepting, attentive, intelligent, and fair.  You people make me out to be something I'm am NOT.  Those Darwins of mine are mostly slander and should be removed from my profile, but I'm not on here whining about it.  Don't dish it out if you can't take it.
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