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junebug, you have to be way more specific with sources. You have just given us things that have influenced your thinking process. That is not the same thing as citing sources.

I can't say that evolution is a fact and then cite "CSI programs" or "biology books" or "science videos". I would have to give you some specific references that support the actual point I am trying to make.

And you can't just refer to stuff that agrees with you. You have to show that your source is objectively examining the issue (of greed causing famine and poverty, for example) and has, by evaluating evidence, come to the same conclusion you have. Or you can say you don't know. That is always okay, too.

Most of what goes on in the universe we don't really know. So we say so, instead of imagining what we wish was going on (I believe god is love and creator of all things like music kittens rainbows hearts and flowers) and acting as if that had a basis in fact.

You can't criticize my sources when you haven't looked at them to see if they're credible or not. You people are going to say Junebug don't give sources but junebug does give sources so now it's junebugs sources aren't good sources, you people are wimps.  Scared to view the sources because you're afraid you might agree with me. 

I propose sense yal made such a big deal out of this issue nobody says another word until you have viewed at least one documentary I have provided and I chose either, "Koch Brothers Revealed" or "The Last Mountain".  Either shows severe consequences to greed. 
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