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Well butter my buns and call me a biscuit, 18 pages, only to realize that we're arguing a variation of "One True Scotsman."

If a self-professed believer does good, then god beliefs are good.

AND, if a self-professed believer does bad, then it's greed and beliefs do not matter, even if the believer himself cites his beliefs as the reason for his action.

So, tell me, what if it's the same person, doing good things, and bad things, and citing god beliefs for both?

How do you tell the difference?

It seems that jb is more or less playing the "One True Scotsman" card, but in a way I've never quite encountered before. Interesting.

How do you be something you have never heard of? I'm not playing anything. I don't consider this a game at all. This is important to me now.  You blame belief for all the problems in the world and it's just not so. I would say I agree if it was so. I'm pretty sure that Atheists are a heavy influence on 75% of FSTV and Link. This is where my suspicion of greed as the culprit was confirmed documentary after documentary;"American Greed", "Shadows of Liberty", "The Koch Brothers". I would know it whether or not I believe in God and you should too. There wouldn't be religion if not for greed.

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