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How does one go about practicing atheism?
The same way you practice at anything you try and try and if you don't get it, it's probably not for you ;D
That doesn't seem coherent.  I took your use of the word 'practicing' in a similar vein as someone being a 'practicing' Catholic, which typically means they do the whole go to church thing, pray to god thing, participate in sacraments, etc.  A non-practicing Catholic is one who associates themselves with being Catholic, but maybe only does the 'go to mass at Christmas' thing.  With that sort of definition, what are the differences between a 'practicing' atheist and a 'non-practicing' atheist?

If it's another definition of 'practice', similar in vein to 'practicing' the piano, could you expound further as well?  I'm not certain how one practices at having a 'disbelief'.  Can you practice 'not believing in the existence of wormholes?
God is Hate, and anything anybody tells you that contradicts that is not God!!!
At least one of these statements displays an inaccurate understanding of god.  Any thoughts on how to evaluate them?

I'm not sure what you mean by that one.  :?
Sorry, it was a follow up reference to an earlier post I made in this thread to you.  But I still think what I'm saying is clear: you are claiming that god has a particular characteristic - that god is love.  I have claimed a contradictory characteristic - that god is hate.  How do you determine which, if either, of those claims, are correct?


I think it's silly for you to pick apart the word "practice", you know what I meant from the beginning. I was Atheist for 8/9 years. I absolutely did not believe in God. I changed my mind and I'm so glad I did.

Let's see, let's compare the evidence. The planet is beautiful, we have all that we need to survive and our bodies are mostly comfortable.
God Is Love or else things could be a lot worse. He could have put our face where our butt is, that would be hateful. :laugh:
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