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That's the Fathers job, not mine.   I am opposed to evangelism.

We are already in Hell.  Heaven is an option to choose to get out of our current state. 

They have to ask God.  That would be different than cursing God.
Do you know what happens when my adult son curses me?
I give him the gift of freedom from my tyranny.  As does God.

There is no need.  Those who reject God experience internal TORMENT.  Thirst, flames, all that.
Have you ever been "tormented"?   It is a self inflicted condition.  Not to be confused with torture.

He did have a chosen people.   They produced His son and they carried out the task of conveying the message
of salvation.  Open the book and read it again.  The jews did not get fluffy pillows to sit on and eat figs back then, and they don't now either.

It's "do not murder".   I've had neighbors who were killed and eaten.  Some people who commit lethal crimes just need to be put to death.  It's not revenge.  We just can't live with such people alive in our midst.

All are sinners. God is not harmed at any time.

You would show this same love if your boyfriend murdered your baby?

Then why are you here?  You are a contradiction to yourself.

So now we're punished for just being born? :o  My life can sometimes be difficult but it's not hell.  Thanks to the trust I have in God.  Many atheist enjoy and embrace life.  They find peace and joy too.  So if they have some hell coming it would be a God inflicted punishment for not believing.  That is not love.

I would not torment my child for rejecting me.  Children only reject bad parents.

They also murdered Jesus on a cross!!! :o

The commands were not limited to murder.  You could get stoned for committing adultery or being homosexual.

When you push someone away from God  you hurt God and the person you have pushed away.

I would try to forgive.  It would be my guess that this boyfriend was abused as well.

These people are asking God to reveal God to them.  They are asking and not getting an answer, especially not from you.  Anyway you totally missed the moral to that example from Jesus.  So if I ask God right now to spare all humans from hell, whether they believe or not, what do you think God's answer will be?

Take care Sky and may God open your eyes and your heart.
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