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That was screwtape's point - that a god that loves everyone unconditionally is deeply disturbing.  It means exactly what I've said here - that he loves the guys who raped you when you were a child just as much as he loves their victim.

I don't think people are born with evil, for lack of a better word, in them.  They are made that way.  That man probably suffered worse abuse that what I remember.  Who knows what kind of horrible memories most of our criminals have suffered.  That's why I keep going back to good parenting.  That starving child in Africa did not have good parents, otherwise it would have had food.  Then once you've had a "bad childhood" there is no real help out there and the mind well it goes crazy, especially if that mind loses it's ability to care, which belief in God does for a lot of victims of child abuse.  When you can't find 1 person out of 2 billion that gives a crap about what happened to you it really helps to believe that the Creator of all mankind cares about your pain it feels better.

Why can't God love us the same but in the afterlife we will be judged accordingly.  Not just some hell, but a much more intelligent, "sin" appropriate punishment, like reincarnation.  I know much of this life has felt like punishment. lol.  You can love someone even when they have done wrong, especially if that person is your child. That is the whole incentive for living a just life to ensure a peaceful afterlife.   
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