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  Do I need to use a different font?  I have said I am not religious. I think religion has the world twisted. I am not a theist, I prefer to not be put in a box.  I am not stupid, there is a part of me that wanders, could I be wrong, I have my doubts,  but  more so I have to trust my on mind and my heart to where it leads me.  We have all had different experiences in life that has brought us to where we are today. I have been as specific as I can as far as my experience goes.  I had hard times and I do believe a spiritual force helped me thru it, maybe we weren't created by that force maybe we were, I'm thinking the jury is still out on that one, but there is a spiritual force in this world.  There have been far to many instances to just disregard.  I chose to respect that spiritual energy on the planet and explore it.

  You will never find the evidence your seeking unless you open your mind.
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