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Rather than taking the time to quote each one individually, I want to just post a general response. 

Believing in God is not an easy thing to do.  I get my information on evolution and big bang theories from the History Channel and Science channels hosted by reputable scientist, and they only deepen my beliefs.  INstead of explaining the holes in the theory you insult my intelligence. I may think you're stupid for buying into those theories and not Creation, but that is not how I feel. There are plenty of college grads that believe in God, I suppose they are dumb as well?  Not everybody is unintelligent that believes in God. There is no denying that there is a spirit in every living creature, and when the outer shell wears out that spirit is released.  God is my spirit guide, He brings me inner peace. Religion is an obstacle that has brought man further from God. Just a few days ago I was watching a religious program called "The Supernatural." This guy claimed to have went to Heaven under a trance and received wisdom from Jesus, Isaiah, Elijah, and Moses. Needless to say it'll cost you $40 to hear what they had to say! What a Hypocrite! Not one of the programs I've seen so far refrain from begging for money! Sure I'm sure some of it gets to the needy, but you and I both know where a lot of it ends up!Oh man, people out there by the hundreds taking money from people with pictures of starving kids, it sickens my stomach. Well enough about that. Sorry.

I am here solely out of the kindness of my heart and to share my personal experiences with you. As far as what you call Spag, let me say this, I am proud to be a Spagette! It takes a lot of courage to stand up to religious hogwash, you Atheist know this too well. Where I differ from you is that I see it as false doctrine and decided to know God on a personal level instead of writing the Ancient belief off.

There is no simple way of explaining how God works in our lives, but there remains a soul inside me that has calmed since I gave God control of my life. I want to share that peace and tranquility with you.

Omnipotence? I do not know the extinct of God's power. I know it's much more than my own. Never thought about it much until I started talking in this forum. It is possible to me that there are fundamental "laws of the universe" that even God must follow. I'm sure I'll get a lot of negative remarks on that one, but since it's my spag, I can do what I want! I still say it's better to offer a new and improved God than no God at all-sad attempt at sarcasm.  Actually God is the same now as He has always been,a loving devoted Creator. The religions have twisted mankind's understanding of God by following the teachings of  dishonest men. Once man figured out it was a good way to make a living we were screwed! It is my wish to spread God's Love and undo,if just a small segment, of what bad religion has done to society.
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