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even since it's inception into scientific stardom, most "proof" of evolution is merely negative theology.  evolution's proofs rely on a specific victorian interpretation of what God is like and how he could create the world.
Please come back to us, once you have a better understanding about the theory of evolution.

Evolution (and the evidence for evolution) has nothing to do with theology. Unless you perceive biology, genetics, paleontology, anthropology and a large chunk of medical science as being theological disciplines of science.
Do you really think, if the TOE was just a theological concept it would see such widespread use in real science?

Ah, I think I can see where cvlspaz and Asmoday are getting a little confused. I've been a longtime fan of Darwin myself, so I've read a lot about him.

Darwin believed that God was a God of laws and order. He was never a creationist - in fact the whole Christianity versus Science war was a much latter phenomenon. A lot of people disagreed with Darwin, but few saw belief in Darwin's theories a sign of someone being a non Believer.

Darwin was a typical (for the time), liberal, Church of England Christian with a fairly broad, ambiguous view of God. He attempted to do for biology what Newton had done for physics - find out what the natural laws were that ran the universe. To Darwin, Natural laws = Gods laws. At least at first.

However, as he collected his evidence, which he did assiduously, throughout his life, keeping copious notes on every detail imaginable, Darwin began to struggle to incorporate the idea of God as Creator into his developing theories. 'God' increasingly became a cypher for some unexplainable origin point of the universe - a "blind watchmaker" as it has been described, a God who winds up the universe and then stands back from a discrete distance. At this point, Darwin was more a Deist than a Christian, and began skipping church to walk in the countryside, feeling that 'God' was to be found in his beloved nature, rather than a cold stone church.

However, it was the tragic deaths of several of his children, particularly his favourite daughter, that sent Darwin over the edge, and into atheism. His wife became more and more religious, struggling to find a reason for her terrible losses, whilst Darwin was unable to reconcile a loving god with the deaths of his innocent children. The nail in the coffin for Darwins faith was the existence of a sort of wasp that laid its eggs in a living caterpillar, which then hatched and the larvae ate the poor insect alive from the inside out. Any god who designed that, Darwin said, was a monster.

So Darwin did not lose faith and then develop the ToE, neither did he develop the ToE to explain away God, and neither did he believe the ToE was the fine detail of the Book of Genesis. He was a Christian, he died an agnostic. To this day, the majority of Christians in Britain accept the ToE. They do not see a conflict. They see Genesis as allergorical and non-literal. Christian Fundamentalism started in the States and was largely imported back here, where it has sadly taken root. Fundamentalism, for its own reason, has taken the ToE and decided to start the battle there - but they were the ones who declared war, not Darwin.
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