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If the Red Sea were parted before your eyes and you believed it was god who saved you and did it, would you immediatly create graven images to other gods in defiance of god?

If you saw the world wiped out by an impossible rain storm that was fortold by your father, and you were spared because you were good people and realatively with out sin would you immediatly try to rape your father in his sleep in defiance of god?

If you were the Devil and you watched god create angels, heaven, the universe and man, would you challenge him to a dual to the death, knowing full well that you could not match any of gods feats??

If you were God and the devil challenged you would you feel compelled to oblige him by torturing and killing Job's family?  Or would you tell the little snot (lucifer) to shut the "F" up?

I know it is difficult to control certain supposed sins,  it is hard not to lust in some form but you could at least feel guilty,  but I think it is another story to rape your dad against his will, carve statues, murder.  Physical actions are not that hard to avoid.  Thoughts are virtually uncontrolable, but actions like these assholes did were totally functions of reason and self control
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