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So does life have meaning regardless of their being a GOD?

Does life really have no meaning with or without a GOD?

In the grand scheme of things it appears as if Life does not have meaning AFAIAC.  Speaking in terms of an atheist view, the world will come, be around for a few billion years and then be swallowed up by the sun.  Voyager1 & 2 will probably find themselve crashing into a star, planet, black hole or Asteroid at some point x billion years from now.  All radio communications will have dissapated to below the background noise never to be heard.  In the grand scheme of things our existence will have meant nothing except for the time we are here.

From a theist Standpoint, we are here as part of God's plan, our value to that plan is unknown, our state of memory, and continued existence are in doubt in that we don't know what we will be after death.  Our toils here on Earth are irrelevant in heaven near as I can tell but for possibly setting up your standing when you die. 
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