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If the earth is 10,000 years old and all peoples sprung from the loins of Adam and Eve and then the population was reduced to about 8 all following a monotheistic religion where they actually wittnessed an impossible storm wipe out all life on earth,  Why are there so few monotheistic religions.  I could understand a regional differences in the practice of a monotheistic religion and even possibly one or two poly theist religions but with only 4,500 years between the flood and today it is almost impossible explain the world religious makeup.

And to be fair we are even talking about less time because Egyptian culture/religion goes back right to the around the  flood.  Zeus, hades and Aphrodite, Vishnu have long histories going back into antiquity.  So I am to believe that all cultures spawned from one family and one religion, and morphed into most of the world being polytheistic.  To further put the kabash on this we also have the tower of babble,  here we still have a montheistic culture all working toward the construction of a giant building to reach heaven.   God punished people for their evil act by creating different races and languages.  So at this point x hundred years after the flood races began to move around the world from a common oral history they completely (absolutely) forgot the oral traditions and invented their own religions. 
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