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I guess the bigger question is would you jail someone for shooting a fleeing thief,  would you take him away from his family and friends because he responded to a theft more aggressively than you would have?
This merits a further response.

Yes, I absolutely would seek to have someone who committed murder jailed.  I don't care if they just randomly pulled out a gun and shot someone down on the street or if they were chasing a fleeing man they thought was a thief.  Even if they actually witnessed the thief[1], that doesn't justify taking the law into their own hands.  Or, to put it another way, if the other person does not deserve due process, why do you?

The only time I would not is if they were acting in defense of themselves or another. - defense or recovery of property does not count.  And even then, due process should still be observed - that is, they should be tried in a court of law and the evidence examined.
 1. assuming it was a theft

Due process is for when the police get their hands on them :)  As for murder, in texas they have not comitted murder, they killed someone within the law. 

You don't care if someone simply pulled a gun on someone for no reason or shot them for stealing?  So you feel it is exactly the same to kill someone for being completely innocent as to kill someone for a transgression.

I think most laws are to protect us from people who pose a danger to us.  I feel a person who randomly shoots someone is far more a danger to myself and my family than someone who kills people for stealing. 

Again I personally would not take this course of action but I definitely would want to consider the mitigating factors before punishing the killer.  first and formost I like to know if they pose a danger to society.   
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