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Today he has given us something different.  He has given us the Bible, which is in itself a miracle and worth more than the appearance of an angel and it is something people of old did not possess.  One must only make proper use of it.  In those pages he has promised to fill us with his spirit.  There is nothing worth more than that.  Instead of complaining about what he has not given us, we should first make use of what he has given us.

I dissagree.  I was raised in a religious household, given the bible...  I find the appearance of an angel to be far superior because I would believe that.   I read a 2000 year old text written in such a way as to be unbelievable and you end up with me.  An agnostic atheist.

Were I to have been filled with the spirit through a personal encounter with a superbeing  then I would believe.   And knowing who I am I would follow what ever book of guidelines that super being suggested.  I don't hate god.  I dont believe in the god described in the old testament or new testament.   Because I have seen no relationship with those books and reality.  My puny fallible human mind has concluded based on the evidence presented to me that God is terribly unlikely.  However if presented with credible information I would certainly believe.

I am only human after all.

Giving me boils, broken bones, paralysis will not change my belief one way or the other.   The miracle you call the bible simply does not appear to be a miracle to me.   I read the words and frankly I conclude how do people believe this stuff.  I see the miracle of the bible is that some people actually believe it.  But I see the same miracle in the people who follow mormonism, bhudism, and hinduism.  What you call a miracle I see as gullibility because all religions seem to suffer from the same flaw they believe in the unbelievable with out any proof.

I would buy virtually any religion that statistically did not suffer the same fate as the rest of us.   If all christians were spared in Tsunamis, and Statitically sufficient number of christians died in their sleep vs horribly for no other perceivable reason then they were christians...  Then I would be all in.  But as it stands no religion seems to have a lock on magic healings, lower levels of suffering, greater levels of joy, or any other relief from "EVIL" .   Statistically speaking we all receive the same level of suckiness and same level of Joy.
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