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It's about perfectly masking the Sun's disc and no more to reveal the near surface corona and information about the visible universe we learn from it. not just a total eclipse, I 'm not sure offhand if any Jovian moon produces the same effect (other than having no ground and an opaque atmos of course), but it's also about the remarkable coincidence of an inner rocky planet being possessed of one very large stabilizing satellite while maintaining a near circular orbit. etc

it's not clear than any complex life could thrive on a planet without this - just one of many coincidences that when compounded. offer some explanation as to why we hear deafening silence from across the galaxy

Yes the moon is just perfect to cover the sun some of the time and yes humanity achieved a scientific level of understanding to make use of information provided by this at just the right time.  Was it god or could we call it coincidence?

think about all the other things that by coincidence do not perfectly align.  Why don't we have a black hole in interstellar space right next door so we can observe it more clearly?  Why didn't god place stars closer to us so we could possibly investigate them? 

I once caught a Nerf dart shot at me with two fingers just before it hit my nose.  Was it coincidence that I guessed when to close my fingers or did I have the skill to do it again?  Well then next dart settled that question:)

why didn't God let us see how to use solar power before letting us find oil as a fuel source?

They claim that the moon was perfect for creating humanity.  Well I have to hand that one to you.  If lunar activity has evolutionary implications (I am sure it does) could one not say that any life form raised in an environment would likely conform to the tools, effects, and conditions available to them.  In essence it is likely that humanity owes it's current form in part to the moon.  Had the moon not existed another sentient being might be talking about the perfection of the planet with no moons interfering with life on earth.

When I play the lotto with 1 in 77,000,000 odds of winning did something guide me to the right numbers...  I mean those are long odds and it is very unlikely that I would win.   You can't use odds to indicate a higher being for random circumstance.  BTW there were 77,000,000 + losers this week the winner just happened to randomly pick the right ones.

AS a kid I squeezed a carpenter ant, his but exploded and nailed me right in the eye with formic acid.  What were the odds of that?  Did god guide me to the ant and in turn its acid to my eye?

PS why did we have to wait 140 to 202 generations to learn about the moon's valuable ability to cover the sun?  Why wasn't penecillin discovered until the 20th century?  wouldnt it have been great if adam and eve figured that one out at just the right time before their first child died of some dissease?

wait long enough and try to catch enough nerf darts you might catch one in between 2 fingers
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