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Does God or gods exist;

With god being defined as:

A supernatural being who :
1) By supernatural means created the universe (through big bang or instantaniously poofed)
2) Either interacts with his humanity or does not interact with his creation (hands on or hands off god)

I have been told that I have misunderstood the position of atheists on this site and am just trying to undersand where people stand.
My from the hip answer:
As defined in both cases I will have to go with "I do not know if such an entity exists" on the grounds that supernatural is far too poorly defined for me to make a confident judgment.

Further thoughts...
My primary issue with 'supernatural' is that I just don't view reality that way I guess.  There exists one shared objective reality.  If phenomenon typically associated with 'supernatural' such as ghosts, unicorns, zombies, etc. then actually manifest then they are, by definition, part of reality.  The word 'supernatural' adds nothing of value to the conversation.  If we go down that route, we're then talking about a sentient[1] being, subject to the limitations of what we currently understand about how reality operates, that created the universe.  I do not see that as reasonable...or even possible.

So no, those gods do not exist.
 1. or is sentience necessary?

People love to mince words, true supernatural is  actually just an extension of Natural.   If an omnimpotent god exists it is natural that if he desires a universe he can create one.  So by supernatural I guess I mean some event that happens by sheer force of will of a being or beings to make a change in the universe, utilizing mere thought of said being makes a change in matter or energy.
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