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But here's the absolute worst part. You say, "I would like to say that I would...[obey the command and slay my child]" WHAT!? Are you serious? You would actually LIKE to say that you would obey a disgusting, vile, dictator? This makes you completely immoral - and really incapable of evaluating and/or making your own moral judgments. Furthermore, if you cannot evaluate whether or not the things in your bible are actually moral or not (b/c you are supposedly 'fallen' or whatever) then how can you make the moral assessment that your god is moral?

If I believe god existed, he was the god described in the bible, I believed he stood for good, I believed that he held the keys to my eternal torture or salvation...  I would say I would obey while singing his praises. 

My child gets a free trip to paradise, I ensure my free trip to paradise and no one loses.

Perhaps god knows something I don't.  Like the little brat is destined on doing something horrible i.e. he is going to grow up to be far worse than hitler. 

Of course that all assumed I believed in an omnipotent superbeing who dabbled in the existence of humans and held the power of life/death and paradise/hell.

I would like to have the chance to ask why he had me doing this to my son.   

The more likely outcome of this conversation with god would result in me going to seek professional help these days, because even if I believed in GOD as described I still would question my sanity because there are lots of crazies out there and I just might have had a psychotic break.
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