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so can someone please detail the unique features of human love not seen in the animal kingdom?  The unique features that make it a proof of god?

is it the butterflies one feels in their stomach during early courtship (I don't know if I can ask a dog if they feel it but they sure act like it every time they see you) ?

The willingness to sacrifice (mother animals and even to a lesser extent daddy animals will often die for their young)?

Monogamy? (well in humans I am not sure that our monogamy is all that strong)

I just can't think of how my dogs affection for me can not be described as love???  Yes it is a programmed response by nature, but, can't one claim the same of human responses to their partner or children?

I watched a program recently (forgot the name) where they tried some of the mating rituals of chimps to wonderful effect in the bar scene.  of course they were modified to avoid the poo flinging and grunting but the essence of the chimp rituals seemed to translate.
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